The Season Opener!

It's great to be back in New York, with the weather finally starting to clear my first client ever was back in the city for business and looking to do a little cycling. It was an early start, temperatures around -4 degrees celcius as I made my way over the Williamsburg Bridge and up to the Hilton Hotel on 6th Av, 52nd street.  I don't think Paulo was prepared for the temperature so I packed a spare beanie and warmer gloves just in case...

Central Park is beautiful this time of morning; every lap it changes color as the sun rises from the east. The first lap is dark, all you have are your lights to guide you round the 10km loop, by the second lap the silhouette of the surrounding skyline starts to appear. Once the sun rises there's an amazing array of colors that bounce off the buildings.

It's always a rewarding experience to share what this city has to offer; thanks for the ride Paulo!

40km before 8am! Time for coffee!

Paulo enjoying a few laps before Thursday meetings.

Paulo enjoying a few laps before Thursday meetings.