What's a new york cycling guide doing in the desert?

I've only been back in New York a couple weeks and Palm Springs is still on my mind. I was lucky enough to experience 4 amazing days there this February with a buddy from New York we call "Zoolander" and his amazing family.

The drive from Los Angeles to Palm Springs normally takes around 2.5 - 2 hours but we caught a decent amount of traffic on a Friday afternoon for some reason... Traffic isn't really an issue though when you're on holiday and about to do three days riding in a desert wonderland.

Day 1 : With 360 degree views of mountains there was only one direction to go... UP! Thomas took us to the 'Palms to Pines climb' on highway 74. It starts off pretty steady and winds its way up to an amazing lookout. All I heard was "Strava segment" so I hit the gas to test out the legs and lungs. Switchback after switchback I was in the hurt locker and looking for the lookout. Click here for the segment.

Day 2 was a little slow curtesy of George's amazing Margaritas.. Salt levels where up though, so we headed out to Thousand Palms Oasis to check out the Fan Palms in the Coachella Valley Preserve. An exposed road lead us out to the preserve, strong crosswinds kept us on our game! 

Day 3 was best described as EPIC! The Joshua Tree was the icing on the cake. 429,690 acres of awe inspiring views, desert, rock, Joshua Trees, Skull Rock; it was probably the best day I've had on a bike. 

Day 4 was all about "The Tram Climb." Ernest Coffee and Heather's Cinnabuns! Breakfast was off the charts. George and Heather put on stunning food all weekend.

The wind was up and a little cooler than the previous few days, and a thick layer of fog was covering the San Bernardino Mountains. After another quick tour of the city we hit the Tram Climb. Like most of the climbing around Palm Springs it's tough and requires good pacing. Lincoln, Thomas and I all set off to give it a crack. Unfortunately they don't let you go all the way up anymore, so a friendly ranger stopped us at the check station. 

A fast descent took us back downtown for a well earned Ernest Coffee and a nice debrief of one of the best cycling weekends ever!



Thank you Thomas and the Hassler family for making this experience possible. If you ever need a guide in Palm Springs.. "Zoolander" is your man!