Ironman Mont Tremblant 2015

Two weeks ago, after 6 months training, I competed at Ironman Mont Tremblant. What an incredible experience and an amazing place to race. It's easy to see what attracts peope to this popular picturesque ski resort. Ironman is a tough sport, both physically and mentally, requiring focus and dedication. It's been said that only crazy masochists take part in an Ironman and I have been asked on numerous occasions why I do it. I love it for so many reasons, the idiosyncrasies that justify jumping out of bed at 5am to go on a bike ride or fit in a swim - that unbreakable internal drive. The self-discipline, the focus, the adversity, the pressure, the pain, it all keeps me in check and that persistence and determination crosses over into other parts of my life. 

I have had big dreams of making it to KONA since my first race in 2009, after all Kona is the ultimate goal for most triathletes. This time in Tremblant, I missed it again, yep a few tears but there are also other opportunities to qualify. The goal and the drive remain - and I will wait for the persistence to pay off and unleash a perfect day.

Ironman is a selfish sport with friends and family witnessing the best and worst of you. Grumpy, tired, frustrated, dummy spits, flat tires, excuses, the loss of bodily fluids... I actually felt the most relaxed I've ever been going into a race this time round. I had amazing support from my cheer squad: Marijana (Babe), Cassie and Matt. They were all new to Ironman and made the trip up from New York to cheer me on and tell me to suck it up when it got tough. Absolute legends I can't thank them enough! 

I had the fastest bike in the world thanks to BMC, the Time Machine is a serious piece of "A" combined with some HED Jet race wheels, a GIRO AIR ATTACK helmet and TRIMELE shoes, GARMIN FENIX#3, ARSUS race suit and NIKE LUNARRACER#3 I had no excuses! Just my flat tire and 3 trips into the woods but that's racing.. RIGHT? 

Thank you so much to Tom Noble and MINI USA for the support car. The Cooper S 4 doormade the 7 hour drive from New York to Mont Tremblant a breeze, especially when it's fully loaded with all the packages like Harmon Kardon sound system, reverse camera, sunroof, iDrive and satnav.

Other shout outs go to:  Cesar Villalbaj for the Tri suit, it was so fast! Thanks to the team at R&A Cycles for helping me get ready for the event, Travis Hawkins for lending me the HED race wheels and wetsuit.