Jimmy Phillips is the founder of The Domestique, a boutique cycling concierge company based in New York. But before he became the king of New York's carbon fiber mafia he ran a car wash in his hometown of Adelaide, Australia. He ditched the suds and moved to the states in 2012 and launched The Domestique in 2014.

Phillips started The Domestique for a simple reason: he'd always wanted a bike-for-hire service when he traveled. It was an instant hit. These days, international businessman, curious New Yorkers, and celebrities call up Phillips to be their sherpa. He'll show up at your door—or The Gansevoort hotel, where his bikes are racked—with a top-flight Specialized Tarmac loaded up with water bottles and snacks. 

And if there's anyone you want to draft off, it's Phillips. He's an eight-time Ironman and was the first cyclist to Everest in New York City—climbing the elevation equivalent of Mount Everest—which took him around 15 hours and well past sunset. 

Today he spends the warm months in New York and then chases the sun with The Domestique to Los Angeles and Australia come winter. With dreams of making it to The Big Island for the Ironman World Championship in Kona he's on a mission—and plans to double his intake of burgers until it happens.