We know what you’re thinking: who wants to dodge cabs riding down 5th Avenue? But here’s the thing, some of the best cycling on the east coast—and, some might say, in the country—is literally on New York City’s doorstep. Cruise up the Hudson River for 35 minutes, cross the mighty George Washington Bridge, and you’re in a cyclist’s paradise—varied terrain, sweeping views, bike-friendly donut shops, and wide shoulders on roads heavily marked for cyclists. And you can get there faster on a bike that you could in a car.

My business model is simple:

  1. Email him your bike size, pedal type, and route preference.
  2. I'll show up at your hotel (or apartment) with a top-of-the-line carbon fiber bike loaded up with water bottles.
  3. I operate in New York from April through Thanksgiving and then chase the sun to Los Angeles for the winter. It’s truly unique—there’s nothing else like it in other cities.